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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Recipe For Hate

I know I swore off song titles/lyrics for post headings a while back...But maybe I've changed my mind. We'll see.

I've decided to hate something random today. That something is Strawberry Milkshakes. I don't hate the people who order them...I'm just very very disappointed in them.

I had to jump through some bureaucracy hoops today. I had to run down to the court-house and turn in my little note that said I completed traffic school. I could have completed the school earlier and then just mailed my lil certificate in, but than I'd have nothing to bitch about.

I have many fond memories of the small time I spent in Japan a few years back, one such memory is being amused at the difference between a typical government employee there compared to here in the states.

The court-house here is filled with slow-moving heffers (yes it's another disparaging post about fat people. I'm a bad person) who seem genuinely bothered that they number they called actually corresponds to the one that I am holding while waiting to be served.

As I approach the counter they smile lamely at you in a sort of "I have to stretch my lips across my teeth at you...but I'm not actually happy here". Then slowly...Ever so slowly...They....Start...To...Help...With...Your...Problem.

In Japan it was a couple brisk, "Hai!"s followed by a blurring motion of documents getting stamped and suddenly you were on your way.

nice work those guys.


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