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Monday, June 20, 2005
Take Me To The River

Or lake as it were.

Well I spent most of my weekend (aside from Father's Day stuff and a cool concert down at SDSU) editing my video from the recent trip to Lake Powell.

You can view these videos here:

Part One.

Part Two.

Hope you enjoy em!

The trip itself was fantastic (See Adam's Blog for some photos and some more trip details). I definitely feel a special connection to the lake and it was so much fun to share it with some of my close friends and see them experience it for the first time.

There was also this really interesting "passing of the torch". I have never been to Powell without my dad. He was always in charge or the boats and getting the camp site set up and broken down. He came with us on this trip but left after the first day, leaving me to basically do most of the stuff that he did when we used to go as a family. Of course I wasn't doin anything alone, but I definitely got a strange tingling sensation when I took control of the houseboat and we broke camp to head for home.

The amount of equipment that we took with us required that I drive the entire distance to and from the Lake. On the way home I decided to detour to Long Beach so I could return all the ski equipment we borrowed from our family friends the Vittitoes.

This was the family that we originally traveled to Powell to. The father, Craig (aka "Crazy Craig") was sorta the official videographer of all these trips and after I showed him some of the raw footage from this recent trip, he first pulled out a video of he and my dad water skiing at Powell when they were 30 years old, and then a video from another Powell trip a few years later when I (at about 7 years old) was taggin along. A lot of old memories flooded back, and I was also caught off guard at what a cute lil kid my brother was back then. He was hard to see because I would always jump in front of the camera whenever it focused on him. :)

Anyhoo...it was a highly succesfull little get away. It's really difficult to get all those people together for a trip like that but it would be awesome to do something like it again.




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