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Thursday, July 28, 2005
American Woman, Mama Let Me Be

First and foremost...In case you were wondering, "Bewitched" is bad. Neither Will Ferrell nor Nicole Kidman can save this film. Go rent "Old School" or "To Die For instead".

Last weekend I was asked to provide a little "light shuttle" service (meaning a golf cart was involved) for a party my Stepmother threw at her house. The party was some sort of crazy "Hen Night", no men allowed within the walls (except for a few scattered food servers and musicians).

Age range of said women: about 50 - 80. There were a fair amount of women on both ends of the scale.

AT the beginning of the night I ferried many of them from their cars to the front door. Some knew me, others didn't, everyone seemed polite and friendly. At about 7:30 everyone had pretty much arrived so I joined my dad for a steak dinner at a place down the road, returning close to 9:00 to start taking the party-goers back to their cars.

Peter B, who was a neighbor with his own golf cart and was helping me out, asked me to grab him a drink from inside and I happily obliged.

Bad idea.

The scene on the patio in the back yard was...Unique. Like someone combined the "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" with "The Dirt" It was all booze, chocolate fountains, and awkward dancing.

At one point, 2 severely intoxicated older women grabbed me by my arms and began to earnestly engage me in conversation.

woman 1 - Your Mike's son aren't you?

me - that's right.

woman 1 - You're very handsome...You look just like your father.

me - well thank-you very much

woman 1 (turning to woman 2) - doesn't he look just like Michael?!

woman 2 (grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me close) - I don't know who you look like...But you're really handsome.

I barely made it out of there alive.

A couple quick things.

I saw two cool bands who I was relatively unfamiliar with recently. Coheed and Cambria, which struck me as a total David (My friend from UCSC) band. Sorta good solid hard rock with a science fiction story driving all the lyrics. They were at Comic-Con as well.

I also saw Devotchka thanks to Liz's suggestion. This was a fantastic show and made me think of another friend of mine who seemed like she practically belonged in that band. It was sorta all over the road...Gypsy, Mexican, rock-abilly, craziness.

Both shows were good intimate Casbah productions.

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Monday, July 25, 2005
And the future hangs over our heads, And it moves with each current event

Today is a strange day. Today I found out that Discostupe, one of my closest and most important friends, will be shipping out to Iraq in about 12 weeks. Despite the fact that this event was almost inevitable it still manages to catch me by surprise and knock the wind outta me a little.

I'm not entirely clear as to what his role will be over there. Originally I was under the assumption that if and when he went, he would be stationed within a permanent (and relatively safe) structure. Now it seems that he will be given a more dangerous assignment with an infantry support group. It sounds like his chances of being involved in fire fights and the like have increased dramatically.

Even so, I feel as if his chances of getting through his time there without physical injury is pretty good. My main concern is for his emotional and psychological health. This is not to say that I have no confidence in his mental strength...I just worry about what will happen to the goofy-happy-fun guy if he's confronted with some harrowing war-time shit.

Anyhow...I wish him the best for a speedy safe return. He should know he has a devoted and enthusiastic support group here at home.



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