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Friday, August 12, 2005
Luck be a lady...

A new illustration is up in my art section. Check it out here.



Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Gonna Buy Me A Condo

On Monday two fairly momentous occasions took place. The first it that the new Madden Football came out. I guess it technically came out the following day, but I went ahead and jumped in line during EB's "Midnight Maddeness!" and picked up my copy in the first few minutes of the release day.

I was actually rather surprised at the amount of people roaming the mall who WEREN'T there for Madden. I'm not sure what these people were doing some three hours after all the stores closed. One thing was certain...They were not the sort of people who could understand why the rest of us should be so enthusiastic for the release of a video game. This attitude was made abundantly clear thanks to the numerous comments made by these late-night mall rats who couldn't help but hide their disdain for those of us in line.

I suppose these harsh judgments were not completely without merit, but you should know that your average hard-core madden fan is not the same as say...Your average hard-core star wars fan. Most of these guys in line were gym-rats, meat-heads, and jocks. These were the guys that shoulda been mocking the mall-rats and kicking the shit outta them and yet somehow -- at that magical midnight hour -- the tables had turned. Somehow that stuck-up little cunt that folds sweaters at "forever 21" for 8 dollars-an-hour thought she was better than me.

I'm sorry...That was uncalled for.

Let's talk about something else. Let's talk about some good news and the other big occasion on Monday. On Monday I officially became a property owner. With a bit (lot) of help I have managed to pull into a nice little condo in the neighborhood that I grew up in.

Naturally this is a big occasion for me. Not only as a young adult, but also as a white male. It's no secret that the dream of ownership has historically been all but out of reach for me and my kind. I hope that this purchase is symbolic of a larger change in this great society of ours.

Speaking of change...Most of the condo as it was purchased will undergo drastic changes between now and when I move in. Ideally that move-in will occur in about a month since I will be forced to vacate my current apartment at that time.

My dad and step-mom have been just as excited about the whole thing as I am and have been incredibly helpful in getting this place ready to be the ultimate bachelor pad for the ultimate bachelor (me). I have to admit that the whole process of choo-choo-choosing the items, colors, and whatever else involved with making a house a home is a little stressful. Half the time I just don't really know what's gonna look good and what wont.

The other half of the time I'm simply amazed at the sheer amount of options and detail involved. Like grout. While looking for tile a woman asked me what color grout I wanted to go along with some of the stuff I will eventually be standing on while drying myself off after a shower.

I mean...This is fucking GROUT...I didn't know they had different colors for grout. It's at times like that when I just step aside and let my step-mother take over. I want to make it clear though that I am not in any way complaining. The bleeding-heart in me just feels a little guilty about trying to figure out grout color is all.

So it's exciting times for old baditude. I've taken a few photos of how the Condo looked right after purchase so we can so a lil contrast and compare once all the improvements are done. It's FUN!

The view from my balcony...On a "clear" day you should be able to see a bit of the ocean...If you lean out dangerously over the railing...Until someone builds a three story home on that empty lot.

The dining room, kitchen, and living room are all on the top floor, this is the dining room and entry way while standing in the living room.

The kitchen...That microwave has already fallen and put a nice sized crater into the stove-top. Now there's a GOOD reason to replace em I guess.

What the living room looks like while standing in the dining room.

Master-Blaster...I mean Bedroom.

Master Shake...I mean bathroom (sink)

Masterba....nevermind...the master tub and toilet

The guest room / office unless I decide I cant afford this place without a roommate.

And that's that. Stay-tuned for the exciting conclusion.


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