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Friday, September 30, 2005
I Am The Entertainer

I've got a random bunch of media to talk about today with links aplenty. So fire up those speakers and we'll get started.

First of all...Even though most of my readers have seen this already...You should really check out some of the results of this contest. It challenged participants to take a movie and re-cut it into a trailer in such a way that the new advertisement promotes an altogether different product.

The Shining

West Side Story

[Props to Chad Moore for turning me on to those]

Second: Mashups. Mashups are basically just remixes, but the point of them is to take two disparate styles of music and mash them together. Sort of the "cover song" for a new generation. It's not an entirely fresh or new idea really but it's still pretty fun and there seems to be sort of "mashup community" forming. Or maybe its been there for a while. I can't claim to be on the cutting edge of culture all the time. Anyhoo...enjoy these samples that Fwats X passed my way:

Nirvana/Stevie Wonder/J-Lo


Hendrix/Snoop Dog

So enjoy those.

Lastly: You should be watching Lost. I mean really. What's wrong with you. Go rent season one, do what you have to to catch up to season 2. It's some of the best TV I've seen in years.


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