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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
First a cool Mashup featuring the Beatles versus a Song I inexplicably heard in a Toys R Us once.

well I had this whole long essay planned about movies that feature men tryin to understand their temporary place in the world and reconciling conventional ideas of masculinity against modern mores and values.

But it just wasn't flowing. There's some potential there so maybe I'll get it out later.

I had it tied into to issues of mortality and how people come to grips with it. Its an issue that's been on my mind lately because my grandfather has been hospitalized. Initially it was due to a broken hip, but he also suffered a stroke a few days later.

It looks like he will make a full recovery but there was some scary moments there for us. In the end modern medicine will be able to extend his time here with us, but we all know that such time is fleeting and who knows how many more years he's got with us.

In other news my video game world is in something of a golden age right now. While I still experience a bit of bloodshed in the form of battlefield 2. Most of my digital endeavors are much more high-minded. I'm either playing music, making movies, or trying to spread my own version of culture and governance across the world.

So to all those people who think gaming is full of degenerate mindless sec and violence...Well it is. But there are some other fun games out there that really aren't so bad. Plus degenerate violence rules (as long as its only make-believe)


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