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Thursday, January 12, 2006
I Had A Dream Joe

I almost never remember my dreams but last nights managed to stick with me so I figured I'd write it down and share it with you.

It's sometime in the early 90's and I'm at Lallapalooza (it's a period piece dream) with Liz. Somehow Liz has managed to get us backstage and we are hanging out in this lounge area. Musicians are cruisin around and Liz is sitting on some ratty couch talking to an musician who is a combination of the chicks from Sonic Youth, and Hole, and Liz Phair. I'm eating from the deli table.

Eventually I walk over and sit down next to Liz. Suddenly I realize that seated to my right is Gwen Steffani (still in No Doubt of course). It's a big couch but for some reason she's pressed right up against me. We start talking but it becomes obvious that she's not really talking TO me, more AT me.

In fact she wont shut the fuck up. I keep trying to participate and get a word in, but she talks right over me. She's the most annoying woman I've ever met at this point.

After a while of this I notice james Iha from Smashing Pumpkins has entered the room. He moves around without walking. It's as if there are microscopic wheels under his feet and he just rolls from place to place. All throughout the dream he rolls in and out of sight with a distant and pensive look on his face.

It's around this time that Wendy shows up. She dives head first onto the deli table and starts taking pictures of everything. Food goes everywhere, but no one seems to really pay attention. They just go aobut their buisness while Wendy (covered in vegetables, deli-meats, and ranch dressing) snaps photos of everything.

That's about it.

I used to have these sort of "hangin out with celebrity" dreams all the time in high school. Specifically I remember one where Metallica has come to town to play center court at the La Costa Hotel and Spa (for some reason). While at the show I discover that the real band is actually just hanging out inside a booth while holographic copies are performing on stage. Naturally they reward my curiosity by asking me to hang out and jam with them.

good times.



Monday, January 09, 2006
When the heavens open up and drink from the silver cup
The creature thus be born! And blow the magic horn!

(Those lyrics are from Master Shake's idea of what should replace the standard birthday song.)

Well my brother is now a father, which makes me an uncle. A few years ago my brother was wearing the same outfit everyday for weeks at a time and peeing in the shower...even when he wasn't taking a shower. Now he's responsible for the growth and development of a brand new human.

I guess he's had some practice on several cats (many of which he's already pawned off on my mom).

My bro really has come quite a long way in the last few years. I'm still a lil curious to see how he handles fatherhood but I suppose I believe in him. Besides, I know he's got a good family to help him out.

I would love to see him start a blog that documents his thoughts and feelings as he begins this new stage of his life and compare that to Streamside.

So congrats to Seando and welcome to tha world Eli!

(so fuckin weird....)


I don't think I know anyone who really likes "dating". At least as far as we understand the term "dating" to mean the act of searching for other singles. Even people who don't want to be tied down or married must admit that the potential for awkward and uncomfortable situations far outweighs the potential for successful pairing.

Dating is like flexing. When you look in the mirror and flex your muscles...that's really you, but it's not really you as you always are. Being single and meeting women is like keeping your entire life clenched up like that. Your always showing off your emotional muscles, your personality pecks, your brain's biceps. It's still you (unless your deceptive asshole), but it's always gotta be your BEST you.

Stand in front of the mirror and flex for about 2 hours...it's exhausting.

That's dating.

There are payoffs however. This weekend I got to experience such a payoff. When you do meet someone with whom you click with, there is this dizzying whirlwind of pulse- quickening excitement. Everything is all new and undiscovered. Jokes are twice as funny as normal, conversation is invigorating, and your ego is basically getting shot up with steroids.

So I had a good weekend. A couple people have already asked me about it and my answers seem to underwhelm. Suffice it to say I am cautiously optimistic. "So far so good" is a better way of putting it. I dunno what the long-term holds (if anything). I have no expectations either way.

There is this romantic notion of love-at-first sight, that sort of conflicts with how things usually happen. When you first meet someone people want to hear a definitive "She's the best" or "She's the worst", but really it doesn't work that way. You can't possibly know someone well enough in the early goings to determine how much time you want to invest in them.

People who say otherwise are misguided. You always hear the, "I knew from the moment we met that we would be together forever". These people are allowing their genitals to cloud their judgment.

Anyhow...I'll keep you updated.

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