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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I want a girl with the right allocations,
Who is fast, and thorough, and sharp as a tack.

Well it's been quite some time since I've posted here. But I'm back from a long break with a new feature. As you know, most of my posts here are titled with a song lyric. I've decided to actually include an mp3 of that song for you all (when possible). Just click on the title and have a listen.

When I was younger, my parents mostly had friends who were other married couples. Every once in a while one of their contemporaries would come around who was unmarried. Maybe they'd have girlfriends or boyfriends or maybe they would be footloose and fancy free. Either way I always look at this people with suspicious eyes. In my world if you were mom's age, you should be mom-like. That meant that at the very least you would be married. Girlfriends were for the scary high-school kids, or maybe the aloof college kids.

There was definitely something "seedy" about them in my eyes. They were like drifters. You couldn't trust them.

Now I'm almost 31. When my dad was my age he had a house, a wife, and two kids. He had a couple cars, a boat, and a beard. I have a condo (thanks to a lot of help from my dad), and I will never be able to grow a beard.

Even though I live alone in my comfortable bachelor-pad, I rarely FEEL alone. I will admit though that there are times when I lie in bed and feel like I took a wrong turn somewhere. I feel like my chances of being a "cool dad" are starting to fade away and pretty soon I'll only have the opportunity to be an "old dad"

Over the winter holiday I was fortunate to spend some time with my old (girl)friend Rebecca and her family. I was sitting with Rebecca, her current boyfriend, her father, her step-mother, and her sister. We were all catching up and talking about what was goin on in our various lives when someone said someone said something to me like, "I can't believe your not married yet."

At which point Rebecca's sister (devorah) chimed in, "I know why...It's because he didn't know a good thing when he HAD it!". Devorah gave me a stern, matronly look, while I tried not to meet eyes with Rebecca's current boyfriend. It was good awkward fun.

The official reason IM single is the most obvious: "I haven't found the right girl" or rather: "I haven't found the right girl at the right time".

So that leads us back to dating, which I am doing a bit of these days. Technically I'm only really seeing one person (and have been since January), but there's countdown active on that relationship. It's a finite situation and come summertime that bird will be flying away.

That means that I am still on the market. In 2006 that means I'm exploring the dangerous world of On-line Dating. Before I slapped my profile together for Match.com, I was told by a number of experienced daters that online dating would at least generate good stories.

I'll some of the details of all this stuff for my next entry. Tune in a couple days from now.




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