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Monday, December 04, 2006
du hast mich gefragt, und ich hab nichts gesagt

I know it's a little long in the tooth, but I love this song (and video). I feel like this must have been made by Americans who are making fun of Germans -- Like this video should have been premiered on sprokets.

You might remember that before I left for South America, I spent some time trying to learn some Portuguese before I left. By chance I happened to pick up the Pimsleur CD' s for my chosen language and I was really happy with the system...

[Something about that Pimsleur website makes it look like it might be associated with the Hanzo corporation]

...I'm especially enthusiastic about the system after trying something different for my upcoming trip to Germany. The "Learn in your Car" series is a pile of shit. Stay away. I went back to my Pimsleur buddies and have been making some pretty good progress in picking up a some of working German.

When I was going through the course for Portuguese I couldn't help but feel as if the authors operated on certain assumptions when crafting their lessons. Now that I've ventured into the German language lessons for a bit, those assumptions have come into sharper focus thanks to the contrast between the two. So while the Portuguese lessons seems to give a traveler some outstanding tools for picking up lusty prostitutes, Pimsleur's attitude toward German women seems a little colder. Consider this piece of dialogue from somewhere around lesson 10:

Me: Hello Miss!

German Woman: Hello

(Apparently I have no time to mess around so I get right to the point)

Me: I would like to eat something with you. At what time would you like to eat with me? One o'clock?

German Woman: No...not at one o'clock.

Me: At two o'clock?

German Woman: No...not at two o'clock.

Me: Would you like to eat with me at four o'clock or five o'clock?

German Woman: No sir. I do not want to eat with you at four o'clock or five o'clock?

Me: you want to eat later...at eight o'clock!

German Woman: Certainly not!

Me: at nine o'clock?

German Woman: No. I do not want to eat with you.

Me: Ah I understand...You do not want to EAT something. You want to DRINK something! Something at the restaurant in Opera Square!

(you have to give me credit for a positive attitude at least)

Me: What time would you like to drink something? one o'clock?

This goes on again, with me asking this woman for a drinking date for practically every tick on the clock. Finally (after more begging on my part) she finally says:

German Woman: I do not want to drink something with you at four o'clock or five o'clock. and for good measure I don't want to drink with you at eight o'clock or nine o'clock.

Me: Would you like to drink something with me later?

German woman: You don't understand.

Me: What don't I understand?

German Woman: You don't understand German.

At that point the lesson abruptly ends which I think is "code" for a door being slammed or hand being slapped at my face.

So there you have it. The world according to Pimsleur is filled with hot and spicy Brazilian sex-pots but Germany is home only to the likes of Frau Blucher.

More (sorta) related German news is the current state of my recent fascination with random (mostly German-made) boardgames. Our little group (which began with about four Puerto Rico players) has really blossomed into a decent sized pool of people willing to spend a few hours on all sorts of intriguing games from all over the world. I've even managed to convince a few girls to join in!


It's a great hobby. I love how it brings people together. We can sit around the table, have a drink or two, and enjoy eachothers company while playing games that usually move pretty quickly but are genuinely interesting.

So if you're a friend of the blog and are interested in joining us one of these nights, let me know and we'll see about getting you in.

Here's my last bit of German-stuff. One of my all-time favorite animations. Sadly the youtube video of it doesnt read all that great -- give it a look anyway:

Lastly...how 'bout those Chargers!


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