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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"He was a luchador!"
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This Plane is Definitely Crashing!

I'll get to my recap of my recent trip to Germany soon. I'll need to finish my video first, and I still need to get all the pics from Mike. Until than you can start to get an idea of what went on by checking out his views on the whole trip -- Or at least the first part of it for now.

In the meantime we can talk about football. This year has been a lot of fun for local fans. We've gotten the chance to support a talented team that seemed to finally be catching a few breaks rather than getting kicked in the teeth every Sunday.

The build-up to Sunday's playoff game against the patriots was pretty incredible. I drove to work early Thursday morning and the sports-casters were broadcasting live from the House of Blues (aka: house of powder blues), which was full of raucous bolt fans -- this is like 6:30 in the morning on a week day.

I was fortunate enough to get a couple tickets to the game itself. It was cold and windy up in those view seats, but the stadium was full of excited charger fans. If I were a crapy sportscaster I might say the mood was...electric?

The first indication that something was not quite right was the unleashing of the "new Chargers anthem" by local wankers P.O.D.


Still we all rallied behind the crappy Jesus-Jock-Rock and the game was soon underway.

You could probably point to a number of "turning points" and "missed opportunities", but for many of us the back-breaker came when the Chargers were still up by 8 points and the defense needed one more big stop on 4th down.

The stadium was rocking; every fan knew just how critical this one play would be. A successful stop here and the home team would be in a great position to put this one away once and for all.

Brady drops back to pass and fires over the middle of the field. As soon as the ball was in flight I could see that the Chargers safety, Marlon Mcree was going to make a move on the ball and end the drive for New England.

I pumped my fist high in the air and blasted a triumphant battlecry into the cold early evening sky. I screamed with such vigor that I somehow strained the muscles in my neck. I felt a lil snap near the base of my skull and my head suddenly started to pound. The stadium started to spin just a lil and from far off I could hear my buddy Iwan say something like: "Oh no!!!"

"Wait...what happened?" I said, placing my hand on my seat to steady myself.

"McCree picked the ball off and than fumbled it away!"

I fell back into my seat. My head was pounding and my neck felt sore.

"He didn't just bat it down?" I asked.

"Dude...first and ten, patriots!" Iwan replied.

My ears felt like they were struggling to keep my brain inside my skull as I put my head between my knees. I was pretty sure this was the end. I couldn't believe we just gave the three-time superbowl champs four more downs -- A fresh start deep in our own territory. We all put on a brave face, but I think most of us had that sinking feeling that this was the bell toll.

Sure enough the Charger's luck had run out. Despite Tomlinson's 170 yards and Brady's three interceptions, the Chargers lost by 3 points.

I've never seen a town collectively get kicked in the pants like that. Everyone seemed to be walking around with a rain cloud over his or her heads for the next few days.

At work today everyone seemed to sorta shuffle in to their desk, brow-beaten, eyes to the floor. There's a lot of sighs, and headshakes, and talks of what could have been and what should have been.

Of course the home team losing a playoff game is hardly the sort of thing one should really be upset about. But no one seems to be able to put things in perspective. It's like the Patriots came to our birthday party, stomped on our cake, and set fire to our presents.




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