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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Extra-Terrestrial, Killin Pedestrians...

So as many of you know by now, my favorite television show went and shut down Boston yesterday. It seems that a bunch of small electronic promotional adds -- placed near bridges and hospitals -- set off a panic.

I will first say the following in defense of the city. I suppose it would have been wise for the Turner people to inform the municipality about the promotional campaign. I'm not sure how the city would respond to someone saying, "hey we think it would be a great idea to put small, light-bright style, advertisements up that depict an 8-bit alien giving drivers the finger", but I'm sure they could have at least given the city a heads up.

I also know that if I was one of the millions of people temporarily inconvenienced by the whole fiasco, I'd be pretty pissed. I know that if I heard that my city spent millions of tax dollars because of some silly ad campaign from "The View" I'd be a lil disgruntled.

Despite all that all this talk of "Hoaxes" is just plain stupid. I keep hearing sound-clips from the mayor, and from news people referring to the ad campaign as a "prank" -- as if the cartoon network intentionally was trying to scare people when that's obviously not the case.

Here's what's really going on. There's all these dramatic pictures of men in Hazmat suits, surrounded by police cars and firemen, gingerly dismantling a light-bright set that depicts Inignot flipping the bird. It's pretty fucking embarrassing I'm sure. What do we do when we are embarrassed? We lash out and overreact. The fact is the people of Boston were made to look stupid and now "Someone is gonna pay".

I don't know who they intend to arrest. The head of Marketing? The intern who got paid a hundred bucks to put the signs up? and for what? All this fuss is over something that basically boils down to high-tech graffiti. I feel sorry for any D.A. that has to take on the army of Turner attorneys.

Meanwhile the fact that all this trouble was caused by pictures of the Mooninites is hilarious to me. It's so totally appropriate that this particular character causes all the trouble since basically their role on the show is to be complete jerks! It's like Aqua Teen come to life.




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