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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
"Looks like i got me one of them fish on -- Fish on."

What follows is a shameless cry for attention. But hell...I figure if I'm already blogging it's too late for things like quiet modesty. I'm tired of having all these kick-ass photos on my Flickr site with no comments. So. Do this favor for me. Head on over to my pictures and pick one (or even two if you like) and add a comment to make me happy. Say whatever you want. Be nice. Be a jerk. I dont care! Just waste some time on me! Here are some quick links to sets for easy browsing.

Oh and by the way. All you need it a Yahoo account to log in. you don't need to register something new with Flickr.

First climb - Almost there...

Birdman Flying Down the Slopes

Landon Monster


Belo Horizonte - Monkeys Do Like Bannanas

Draft Day Flag Football




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