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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Gimmie the Night

Being single can take you to some strange places both physically and spiritually. I would say that most of my single life involves very little "action" (both physically and spiritually). A few weeks ago the tectonic plates that form the basis of my love life shifted and the pimpmograph went a lil crazy. My social life kinda exploded (which really put a damper on my gaming activities), and for a time being I think I might have been dating 5 or 6 different girls. I dunno. the number of girls keeps increasing as I tell the story more often.

It started to become really dangerous (in a Three's Company sorta way) when I was going out with two different girls who shared the same name.

Before I get too full of myself I should clarify that really most of these dates were first dates, blind dates, and really most of them didn't really go anywhere. I'm not really able to juggle multiple ladies at once. However for a short period of time it was kinda fun (and confidence building) to pretend to be "that guy".

So I've slowed down a bit now but I'm still out there meeting people and dating around which is fun (and expensive...I can't tell you how freakin broke I was after that marathon week of 1st dates!).

Last night was an especially interesting excursion that my married friends missed out on. A friend of mine (who I believe would like to remain anonymous) got himself into some sort of "auction" which he claimed was for charity. The whole thing was this big singles event downtown. lads and lasses show up to bid on bachelors and bachelorettes. The winners get a date and pay their money to charity. In short...it was weird.

Singles Stuff

The whole scene was just strange. I mean...I guess it's not entirely unlike online dating (a practice I'm pretty familiar with). You've got a big room, with a bunch of singles hoping to pair up. Most of the pretense is gone, everyone knows why you're here and so I think it kinda emboldens people a lil. Plus there are free drinks.

Swingin Singles

Even so I found it incredibly difficult to sort of wander over to strangers and strike up conversations. Mingling is an art form and I'm barely able to paint myself into a pleasant situation. That said I did meet a few cool girls, wrangled a phone number at least. I don't even know that I'll use it but I figured I might as well get caught up in the spirit of the evening.

Me and Katy

Anyway the auction begins, and the bachelors are up first. I guess this was part of the "theme", but a lot of the dudes wore their uniforms to the shindig. I guess it's part of the allure. So the first guy is a fireman in his fireman's gear. Another guy is all "Top Gun" in his flight suit, there's a life-guard, the whole deal. Basically these guys are the village people. It shouldn't have been surprising than that the first two dudes got "bought" by gay men.

It was awesome.

The auctioneer lady would say, "Well...it looks like we've got 600 dollars from the ah...the...gentleman in the red mesh shirt!" and meanwhile the fireman is frantically giving her the "cut" signal over and over again. He's trying to tell her he wants no part of that bidder but he can't be heard over the din of falsetto "woos!" and "cat calls" coming from the male chorus in the audience.

When the MC cried "Sold" you could see the faces of all the upcoming bachelors freeze in terror. Meanwhile it was like Halloween in the Castro down where I was standing.

The Patriot

Anyhow, I got to see my friend get auctioned off (he sorta just stood there, rather than dance and take off his clothes. His noble attempt at dignity didn't net him a very big price sadly), but wasn't able to stay long enough for the chance to bid on any of the ladies. All of this dating has left me a little light in the pocket book anyway...I shudder to think of what I would have been able to afford.




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