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Friday, July 11, 2008
Croatia Part 2

Mjet was one of my favorite spots on our trip. A peaceful and totally captivating little island. The perfect setting for an exhilarating bike ride around the lakes.

Mjet is where we started to realize that owning your own sailboat would probably be the way to travel around Dalmatia.

Everywhere we went from Dubrovnik to Zadar had places to tie up a boat right along the major thoroughfares along the water.

Korcula was where we started to get a little unlucky with the weather. We wandered around the cobblestone streets looking to see how many references to Marco Polo we could find.

The View in Mijet

The Stuparich Clan

Croatia Takes It All Away

Mjet at Night

Korcula Minus the Rain Clouds


Wednesday, July 09, 2008
Croatia Part 1

Well I've finally had a bit of time to catch up on a thing or two one of those things being my photos from my recent trip to Europe (mainly Croatia). While I'm at it I figured I'd throw up a blog post. I'm going to post the pictures and blogs and stuff in small chunks for easier digestion.

Traveling with me was my long time friend Mike (aka. Doc Mike, or Disco Stup), his main squeeze Gwen, Mike's lil sister Mal (no longer so lil), and Pete Henning (Pete's really neat).

This was the first time in a long time that I have traveled internationally and not made an effort to learn the language spoken by people native to my destination. It helped me realize how much a lil effort in that regard goes, even if the country you are visiting is full of people who also speak english.

This along with the nature of our destination made this trip seem just bit more "vacation" than "travel" to me. Nothing wrong with a bit of sun-dreanched relaxation though!

We begin in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik was our first stop on our tour of the Croatian coastline. Here is where we first experienced the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, the friendly hospitality of the Croatian people, and the astonishing lack of diversity amongst restaurant menus.

Dubrovnik was perfectly charming and set the stage for what would be a series of similarly charming, walled, coastal towns.

Dubrovnik highlights included gelatto, cliff jumping, and pirate ships.

First Croatian Meal

Croatian Coronas

Harbor Dubrovnik

I'm on the Lookout

My Jump


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