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Friday, July 18, 2008
Croatia Part 4

On the Way to Zadar we took time out to visit Krka National Park. We spent a few hours hiking around and taking in the impressive scenery. We had planned to go swimming in one of the lakes, surrounded by waterfalls but the weather turned cold just as we arrived and the idea lost its charm.

Krka is not short on scenery

Of course it was hard to resist the siren song of this particular bathing beauty:

The Diapper Look is SO Hot Right Now

I didn't realize they made aqua-diapers for grown men.

Zadar was one of my favorite stops on our trip. It was also our final leg of the Croatian adventure.

We got some nice weather again while in Zadar and went for a swim at a semi-sandy beach. The beach was close to a huge diving platform that was about as high as our previous cliff jumping excursion. So we hung out there for a bit with some local youngsters.

Zadar was also the setting for some good Euro 2008 soccer viewing. We watched the game at a local bar/bakery and then cruised the town to observe all the merry-making and revelry that came along with a Croatian victory.

Zadar was also home to the sea organ which was a fascinating landmark. Basically a huge musical instrument that is played by the ocean tides.

All in all a fantastic end to a great excursion.

Walkin on Sunshine

Zadar Sunset


Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Croatia Part 3

Split was the first big city we visited in Croatia. We were not so lucky with the weather here. Despite the persistent clouds we wandered around much of the old city.

Split's central tourist attraction is that is is built withing the skeletal remains of Diocletian's Palace:


Split's waterfront was quite nice, and it boasts a very impressive statue of Grgur, the bishop of Nin (Known to our group as Gandalf).

Despite these obvious pluses I found I was ready to leave Split pretty quickly and move on to the next town, Trogir.

Trogir was another small little coastal town with a charming "old section".

Mike got his hair cut in Trogir by a woman who was one of the most stand-offish and rude people I had met there in Croatia. She drove me out of her store with her stares and evil eye.

Turns out that after I had left she told mike that I was "beautiful". Wouldn't be the first time I've misread signals like that.

People Like Us

Big Daddy Cappacino

True Love


Trogir at Night



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