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Monday, July 28, 2008
Luxembourg and the Priest!

Almost done with these.

While I was planning this trip to Europe (predominantly the trip to Croatia), Mike mentioned to me that Judas Priest (an old high school favorite) would be playing a show in Luxembourg.

I'm not really sure why, but for some reason this seemed like a perfect combination and I was pretty sure I did NOT want to miss this.

Even though the boys in JP are a little old, they still put on quite a show. Rob Halford (the singer) seemed to have been hit the hardest by years of heavy metal touring. Every phrase that he belted out seemed to leave him exhausted -- leaving him leaning over on his mic stand about to pass out.

He never did succumb tho. In fact he really seemed to give it his all.

The Horns

The Euro-metal crowd did NOT dissapoint either. A popular look for these aging rockers was the "all-over-denim" look. Super tight denim pants, black tee, and denim vest. The vest typically covered in "flair" (sewn on patches for various bands).

Another interesting part of the Euro-crowd was their tendency to sing along to melodies and guitar riffs. They can turn any song into a soccer chant. Check this part of Breakin the Law at 1:37 for an especially good example.

(One more reason to love the internet. I mean...I was at that concert and there is it on Youtube.)

The icing on the cake was the venue itself (the appropriately named "ROCKHAL"), which rests in the shadows of an imposing, abandoned steel mill.

I also spent some time that day in the city of Luxembourg just cruisin around and seeing the sites. It's probably not a "must-see" area of Europe but it's a charming town and a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.



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